How do I RSVP my attendance through the website?

When you RSVP your attendance through our website you are able to fill out all the names of your group or household, including plus ones.

1. Press "RSVP" section on the website's menu

2. You must start by filling your full name or any of the names (full name) in your party.

3. Click "Find your invitation" or press "Enter" on your keyboard.

4. Next page you are able to add another guest. At first it may seem like you can only add one additional guest, but on this page you must press "Enter" on your keyboard for another fill in block to appear. Continue to press "Enter" if you have additional guests.

If you do this with your phone press the arrow or symbol that represents "Enter" on the keyboard on your phone. Clicking "Continue" on this page will move you to the next page, not allowing you to continue the process of filling out names of your group. If you accidentally click "Continue" you may exit out the RSVP page and you may start over, previous information will not be saved.

5. Click "Continue" when you have listed all the guests in your group/household.

6. Next page you are then able to RSVP the attendance of each person's name to the wedding. A check shows the person has accepted (Will be in attendance) the invitation and an X shows they have declined (Not in attendance).

7. Next page is similar to the last, but it is to notify us of your attendance to the Send Off by Boodle Fight.

What do I include in my RSVP using the other RSVP methods?

While it is preferable to us you use the website to RSVP, we understand if you prefer other methods to inform us of your attendance and dinner entree to the wedding and the boodle fight.

In the email include a list of the full names of each person in your group/household, including plus ones (Indicate who the plus one belongs to). The group/household is based off the invitation received. Indicate for EACH person whether they have declined or accepted attendance to the wedding, another indicator if they are attending the boodle fight, and what entree they have chosen out of the two.

If you have any questions, email us at or text (717) 461-2472

Gift Registry
Do you have a gift registry?

We do not have a gift registry, but we provide an online cash fund on this website and will have a physical cash box and time for a money dance on the wedding day. We will also be providing a mailing address on the upcoming invitations for you to send gifts or money as an option as well. Email us if you would like to receive our mailing address sooner.

How does the cash fund online work?

One of the menu sections of the website is "REGISTRY". After clicking on this title you will find 3 funds "College Fund/Honeymoon Fund/Home Furnishing Fund" to send money to. Once you click on one you will be directed to a page where you may fill in any gift amount. Next page will lead you to filling out your card information.

accepts (VISA/MasterCard/AMEX/DISCOVER)

Transaction fee of $0.25

Plus Ones
Can I bring a plus one?

Yes, we would be happy to have your date or significant other join the celebration. Please, include them in the website's RSVP.

What do I wear to the wedding?

The attire to wear is cocktail or semi-formal. There will be time after the ceremony and before cocktail hour at the reception venue to walk Duke University 's campus, so bringing walking shoes may be advisable.

What do I wear to the Boodle Fight?

It is an informal event for lunch. Wear what is comfortable to you, whether you wear your travel clothes or your Sunday best.

Is transportation provided throughout the wedding day?

No, we are not providing transportation. Plan accordingly with who you will be riding with or plan to set up something such as a Lyft or Uber for before/after the ceremony and before/after the reception. Please have designated drivers if you are going to drink at the reception.

Do you have any discounted hotels available?

We have two hotels in a central area of the event venues, that have discounted prices.

Hotel 1

Single-King room: $139 a night

Double-Queen room: $149 per night

Hotel 2

(Neighboring hotel within walking distance of Hotel 1)

Single-King room: $99 per night

Double-Queen room: $109 per night

(More information in the Details section, under Hotels)

For wedding party members, if you were wanting to go ahead and book another hotel you are welcome to, but please prioritize making it in time for the dress rehearsal and wedding ceremony at Duke Chapel. Note: Hotel 1 is where the bride, groom, and wedding court will be staying at.